Panel Built, Inc. Creates Work of Art from Across the Country

Panel Built, Inc. just completed a one of a kind 6’x 12′ guard booth for a courthouse on Long Island, New York. The booth was designed to fit in with the architectural style of the courthouse and was constructed to meet specific UL bullet resistance ratings. The prefabricated building will provide an access control point for the courthouse. In addition to the liftgate, the guard booth and its officers, will control the flow of traffic and verify the visitors coming in and out of the facility. rnrnThe building is of note due to the fact that the project utilized primarily modular construction. The practice of modular construction consists of building the guard house itself in a controlled manufacturing environment, away from the project site. Then, when the building is completed, the booth is shipped to the site, fully completed and permanently fastened to a concrete slab, where it will perform its function. The difficulty of this project was providing a guard house that fit this courthouse’s unique architectural style in every way. When the building was being manufactured in the facility, the builders and designers had to ensure the booth matched the courthouse down to the tiniest detail but were at a disadvantage considering they were 800 miles away in Georgia. However, due to great attention to detail and a dedicated manufacturing team, the project went off without a hitch and both the customer and the dealer were fully satisfied with the final product.

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