Capturing the perfect headshot or portrait is an art that requires tremendous talent. At Todd Estrin Photography it’s all about finding you — not the you that you think you need to be, but rather the you that you are. His process is intimate, fun, and exposing. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. If you are looking for a headshot or portrait photographer contact Todd Estrin at

Headshot photographer Todd Estrin takes headshots for actors and entertainers who are looking to explore self in front of the camera. He effortlessly creates the sacred environment necessary to invite his subjects to share, capturing who they really are.

Among many satisfied clients at Todd Estrin Photography, Olivier Renaud says, “I didn’t have much experience with photo shoots. Todd saw this as an opportunity rather than a problem. He set up a safe and comfortable environment to explore my own inner life. He is professional, kind and playful. A joy to work with! I highly recommend “discovering your own portrait” with Todd!”

Todd Estrin specializes in acting headshots. He believes a headshot should leap off of the page. To do this Todd works with his clients, helping them explore themselves in the most honest and truthful way.

Professional New York Headshot and Portrait photographer Todd Estrin says, “one must not hide anything.” While elaborating on his process he says, “I have discovered in my life that it is really easy to hide. I have also discovered that we all want to be seen. My photography work is all about finding you — not you that you think you need to be, but rather you that you are.”