Actor Rahul Roy turns producer. Announced first feature film ‘The Message’ under the banner of The Great Entertainment

New Delhi, 20th February 2017: “Cinema is a medium of social change. Currently we are going through such a phase, where the confidence, the belief of public has shaken, whether it is system & administration or related to day to day activities. They need a confidence boost, something that provides them reason to believe & think and the faith can be re-established amongst the masses”, says actor Narendra Jha, who was in capital to celebrate the announcement of his new movie ‘The Message’ under the banner of The Great Entertainment launched by actor Rahul Roy & Prasun Kumar.

In a press get-together held at the Siri Fort Auditorium here, the team of the film including Rahul Roy, Prasun Kumar, Vierendrra Lalit, Trivikram Mattoo and Shyam Ramsey made the formal announcement and unveiled the first poster of the movie, which will go on floor in mid March.

Talking on his new inning as a producer, actor Rahul Roy, who made an impressive debut with one of the greatest musical blockbusters of 90s’ Aashiqui said, “ it’s been 27 years since I came to this industry and I have seen & learned a lot during all these years and trying to make a movie with strong subject using my enriched experience and knowledge. Cinema has changed a lot with time and now a day we can see all kind of movies trying to portray strong message and create opportunities to learn and think.”

“I believe the subject of the film plays a vital role and if it can create opportunities to learn and give reason to think to the audience, it makes for a great cinema with entertainment. In daily life there are many issues going around us that creates awakening for us and make us think about them. We are trying to give strong cinema with a strong message. Under the Great Entertainment, we wish to make movies with difference, a movie that can makes you proud, makes you smile or emotional as well. A heartwarming and meaningful cinema is what we are focusing on”, the Aashiqui actor added.

Producer Prasun Kumar said, “I’m an emotional person who thinks a lot, someone who’s hurt by a very small thing but at the same time someone who thinks to bring a change with a strong mindset & ideology. I observed the scenario and felt the things are not so promising, the society, the people are going through so much dilemma, that’s how the thought of ‘The Message’ developed to give society a strong message where they can believe and move forward with positive frame of mind. We hope to deliver this small ideology with a film that will give you reason to think. The film will go on floor in mid March and we’ll try to release it this year itself.”

Actor Narendra Jha, a versatile actor with a powerful voice, whose excellence in acting is evident with the memorable characters he has played on screen, like Dr. Hilal Meer in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider, Musa in recently released Rahul Dholakia’s Raees will be playing a vital role in film. It has been a long journey for him and he has impressed with whatever he has done so far, whether it’s theatre or the small screen or the big screen, Narendra is always seen in a new Avatar and once again he is set for showing something new to the audience in ‘The Message’. Taking about his role he mentioned, ‘Through this film, we are trying to provide a message, that will inspire and made audience think and it might help their faith in our system and supervision, day-to-day activities be restored.’

Director Vierendrra Lalit, said “A lot has been said about the film and I would add two highlights of the film i.e. it will be a first Carbon Neutral film. Climate change is a serious issue, caused primarily by the carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gas. But there are things we can do about it — like choosing to go carbon neutral. Great India Entertainment has vowed to go Carbon neutral by taking the responsibility to balance the greenhouse gas emissions we create every time. The making of a film impacts the environment through use of electricity, fuel for travel and generators, plastic and other inorganic substances. So, “The Message” will be a carbon-neutral film compensating the carbon emitted during its making through eco-friendly activities such as planting trees and encouraging solar energy, says Lalit. Also, Great India Entertainment and its Board of Directors have decided to donate 5% of its income to the Widows of the Army Martyrs, he added.

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