Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 14 February 2017 – Vector Digital System is a Dubai based IT and CCTV hardware distributor. CCTV states for closed-circuit television camera which can produce recordings or images for surveillance or another private purpose. These can be digital cameras and video cameras. Reliable protection of the object is difficult to imagine without a well-organized system of video surveillance. But to choose the device that will fully comply with the conditions of use, is not easy. The choice is complicated by a wide range of products and functionality presented on the hardware market.
A correctly selected video camera provides the necessary overview of the perimeter in the existing conditions at the lowest possible procurement and operating costs. Before you decide which camera is best for video surveillance, it is important to determine the place of installation of the equipment. If the device will be placed in the street, should not be neglected the built-in heater (presence of a thermal heating) and hermetic case. The equipment for rooms with high humidity (for example, car washes or swimming pool) should have a water-resistant housing. In areas where is a high probability of damage to the camera by hackers, it is necessary to install the device in a vandal proof housing.
On website CCTV Camera Dubai are offered Analog CCTV Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, CCPLUS IP Cameras, CCPLUS Network Video Recorders. Analog cameras came on the market long time ago. They are distinguished by a relatively inexpensive price and ease of use and maintenance. However, due to the specifics of analog transmission signal they are installed mainly for the control over small areas. However, they are not inferior to the popularity of digital cameras, primarily due to the simplicity of design and reliability in operation. Cameras with digital signal processing have better image quality compared to analog cameras. Additionally, are capable without affecting the quality to control the territories which are extensive or distant in space from each other. Also among the advantages of digital video surveillance systems is the ability to scale the image without sacrificing image and quick access to the archive of videos. It is worth noting that in the future with the development of digital technology, mainly the CCTV cameras will dominate the market, while at the moment analog cameras manage to compete quite successful with digital, primarily due to a more affordable price.

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