PayTunes is a new age audio-visual mobile ad platform where advertisers can selectively target their audience with their audio and visual ads. It’s a unique platform which runs audio ads of brands as ringtones on phones of its app users.
PayTunes users work as broadcaster for PayTunes associated ads. So whenever a call comes on the phone, user gets to hear an ad jingle from any brand instead of his/her ringtone and then rewarded with points (multiple points based on the listening duration) at the end of the call. User can later redeem these points by participating in daily and weekly lucky draws and earn cash for mobile recharge. Special feature of PayTunes which is different from others, that is, it works without internet.
Speaking of its appeal, its CEO and Co-Founder Divya says “It’s a mass product having a great appeal in low-mid income category Smartphone users. A user can win exciting gifts such a Smartphone, pen drives, etc from the app just by allowing it to change their ringtones. Why won’t anyone have it?”
PayTunes provides an unmatched Digital Advertising platform to advertisers in Rajasthan to reach directly to their target mobile users like never before. Now advertisers can push ad-jingles to reach millions of users daily with just one click. With ringtones, PayTunes also targets users with ad visuals and other details about the ad at the end of the call. Advertisers can also conduct surveys, launch contests on PayTunes app and pull users to their product.
“Imagine our users travelling in Bus, Metro or their office elevator and broadcasting the ads to the people near them even if the intended recipients aren’t using their phones or any other device. This is the power of this medium.” says the Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder, Mr. Amit N Naredi.
PayTunes is running a staggering number of 3.5 million ad impressions daily with a daily reach of more than 2 million consumers. Launched in October last year, the app has managed to be on more than 4 Lacs users’; phones till now. The app has managed to be on the top of charts in its category on Play Store clocking in 19th rank in recently. The app has also steadily maintained a Play Store ranking of above 4.1 all this time, which demonstrates the trust users have in the platform.