One is always at home in one’s past….

Author of the book “NOSTALGIA”, MAMTA CHANDEL is a teacher of History and English by profession. She was fond of studying books since her childhood and that evolved the writer within her. Being single mother of a 12 years old child she fulfills all her duty of being a mother along with managing house and job.

She used the words and poems to express what she learnt from life. Talking about one of her poems “DREAM” she says that they are the touchstones of our character. DREAMS, as soon as we come across this word; a reflection of all our dreams come in front of our eyes, be it the fulfilled once or the once that are still in our minds only. Its human nature that when it comes to dreams; our thoughts get wings and they start flying at a speed of 50MBPS unaware of our present state. Wanting is forever, coming out of the ego. If you give your attention to it, you will be chasing one desire after another. The ego is in the business of manufacturing desires. If we’ll try to understand the psychology behind this, dreams are only the cause of our desires. It’s a cyclic process, let me elaborate: first of all, we have desire to have something which in turn gives birth to a cluster of dreams. And, thus to accomplish our goals we make efforts and when desires get met; we are confident and happy.

One can read more words by Mamta Chandel through her book Nostalgia which is published by OnlineGatha. Giving a quick insight of her book Mamta says that the book is a collection of poems that are inspirational. At the same time, they portray the different phases of life as well.

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