One of the most rambunctious bars in the city providing Mumbai’s glamour brigade with the ultimate unique night out experience “House of Mirabella” hosted a special Valentine’s Night at Mirabella Cafe, Shot Bar & Khaleesi.

The night saw the presence of Rajiv Roda, Harmeet Singh, Hansika Motwan, Ajaz Khan and Many More.

This night was dedicated to all the pleasures of the senses with the theme “Delicious deserts & mischievous speed dating at “Mirabella Cafe- one the properties of “House of Mirabella”. The couple were encouraged to dance the night away. Keeping up with the theme, Mirabella Cafe hosted some naughty games & romantic dinner for couples.

Singles embraced their single-ness & shunned the Valentine’s Day vide and got naughty at “Shot Bar” one the properties of “House of Mirabella”. Instead of seeing all the mooshy gooshy, I love you crap, “Shot Bar” had the singles covered. Everyone that walked in that received a black rose. A champagne toast was raised to celebrate the single-ness of the guests.

It was a Middle east food fest at ” Khaleesi” one the properties of “House of Mirabella”. The guests partied like “Sheikhs Of Dubai”. For a regal treat, the food, music, drinks & decor reflected the same ambiance that the interiors and decor of the place reflected “Dubai”. The dimly lit room and the ambiance ensured a memorable Valentine’ s Night. Along with sipping on some tongue slurping mocktails and cocktails and enjoying dining, guests were left wowed with the arrangements & the hospitality of the lounge.