Black Tourmaline is a healing crystal stone useful for protection against bad energies. It is a powerful healing stone. Black Tourmaline is popularly known as Schorl. This healing stone is known for its protective and purifying spiritual influences. Black Tourmaline is a spiritual stone, with a long history among several cultures of providing protection during ritual work. With proper use, this Crystal stone holds the solution in combating the harm caused by stress, depression, anxiety, etc.
Black Tourmaline Properties:
• Element: Earth
• Chakra: Root
• Astrological Signs: Libra and Capricorn
Black Tourmaline helps to remove negative energies and bad thoughts to promote happiness, success and prosperity. The Black Tourmaline healing stone helps people to cope with the most perplexing times of their lives. It helps to balance the dangerous effects of mobile phone electromagnetic smog, radiation and psychic attacks, etc. Hence, it presents a powerful protection for anybody who is living or working in perplexing circumstances.
• Physical Healing Energy- It stimulates the reflex points associated with the feet, ankles and legs, etc. It also provides pain relief.
• Emotional Healing Energy- It is a stone of cleansing the emotional body of negative feelings, anger, worries or feelings of unworthiness. It also releases any suicidal thoughts or self-harming tendencies.
• Chakra Healing- Black Tourmaline controls the Root Chakra or Base Chakra, which is located at the base of the spine.
• Spiritual Energy- It is devoted to spiritual energies, which efficiently clears blockages in the aura and removes harmful energy.
Black Tourmaline Crystal Cluster acts as an energy deflector, promoting clarity of mind and health.
Anybody who is surrounded by negativity and other ill-energies must benefit from this crystal cluster stone. Black Tourmaline Crystal gives its user a refreshing dose of cleaning the auric field from different dimensions of the body. Overall, it is regarded as a symbol of great fortune. Tourmaline Gemstone is also considered as subsidiary Gemstone of Emerald Gemstone, which is prime Gemstone for Mercury.

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