LOS ANGELES, CA – UrthBox, the subscription box company that focuses on non-GMO, organic, and all-natural foods, has just partnered with NeuroGum to provide clean, efficient energy to its large group of health-conscious subscribers. In addition to 5000 Urthbox subscribers receiving the aspartame-free and non-GMO NeuroGum in their monthly subscription boxes, three winners will get a free six month supply of NeuroGum by participating in the social media giveaway.

Since the brand’s initial launch in October of 2015, NeuroGum has distinguished itself by advocating healthier and more effective energy for its user base. Unlike Monster, Rockstar, and other energy drinks, NeuroGum uses only non-GMO ingredients, natural flavoring, and natural caffeine derived from coffee beans. Through working together with UrthBox, the brand is excited to introduce their healthy and balanced nootropic energy gum to even more people who believe in a cleaner, more natural way of living.

“When we started, we set out to promote a better product that gives you lasting energy throughout the day,” CEO Kent Yoshimura says. “We hope that this partnership with UrthBox shows that we are dedicated to healthier living every day.” UrthBox’s social media NeuroGum giveaway goes on until February 10, 2017.

NeuroGum is world’s first energy gum engineered to give the mind and body a clean and focused boost of energy. Referred as the “latest caffeine innovation” by TIME Magazine, NeuroGum’s ingredients are scientifically shown to increase focus and concentration without the jitters or crash. Through its patented cold-compression formulation, the active ingredients in NeuroGum take effect 5X faster than energy drinks or supplements to help activate the mind and fuel the body. Find out more about NeuroGum at

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