“ShoorVeer, AmpleMission, Valentine’s Day, LoveThySoldier!! Valentine’s Day is not only for Lovers..but also four our Brave Soliders! COOL WAY TO CELEBRATE.. WITH INDIAN ARMY!! Please watch & share.. Thank You!” said Dr. Aneel Murarka.

The film “Shoorveer” produced by Dr. Aneel Murarka & Manish Murarka of Ample Missiion Events Entertainment and More Llp’s
Co producer – Gurpreet Kaur chhadha and Lakhbir Singh ,
ft. Puneet Issar attempts to piece together the lesser known fact about the Indian soldiers, their struggles, their scarifies and specific situation they are put under. The short film will make you realize the untold sacrifices that our men and women in uniform as well as their loved ones have to make while protecting our borders from the enemies.

Written & Directed by- Jitender Pawar; Creative Producer- Mohit Baghel; D. O. P. – Jay Shetty; Editor- Prashant Singh Rathore; Executive Producer- Shantanu Chaturvedi; Music- Ved Gaurav Sharma; Creative Director- SIDDHANT ISSAR

Below find the youtube Video Link

Shoor Veer by Ample Missiion- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lls_qtV32o0