A Product of My Environment, A Real Life Urban Education!

In 2007, Sibia’s son died in his arms – a shattering experience that no parent should have to go through. He said: “The day after I buried him, the police arrested me and tried to send me to jail.”

Questioned about his motivation for writing this memoir, Sibia explained: “I hope to encourage youth to read more – to stop the killing amongst our young, the crime that plagues our community at the moment and disrespect that’s going on right now and just generally do better. I also want the older generation to fix up and be the foundation they want their children to build on. I think this is why youth don’t respect their elders anymore.”

Launched in April 2016, A Product of My Environment has already racked up several rave reviews on Amazon. And at the time of writing, the book was listed at # 81 in the True Crime category. One reader wrote, “Reading this book gave me great admiration for Chris who decided to give his audience an insight into the harsh reality of growing up in urban areas situated around London. An autobiography it may be but also a mirror reflection for most in the black community and for that, I am so grateful to Chris for taking the opportunity to tell ‘our’ story in its rawest form. I will wait with great anticipation for part two.”

A Product of My Environment is witty, gritty and humorous. It offers a real eye opener for those who want some insight into the other side of London and the tough choices many youth have to make on a daily basis. Although this is Sibia’s first book, it most certainly will not be his last as Part II is set to be released later this year. He is also working on another project that will also be coming out under his own publishing company – London’s Finest Distribution.

A Product of My Environment Part I is available on Kindle and Paperback format on Amazon for a retail price of £3.99 and £9.99, respectively.

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