Top 8 Best Practices to Promote Your books on Social Media

The purpose behind book promotion shows that your book is exiting in media, market and why people should take interest in your book & what the medium are to buy your book. All these points are really important, See here some more steps of book promotion and sale.

1. Create brand and image, the brand name will be the name of author and images show the all about your book. Be careful with your brand & choose image’s text and color according to your brand, which will be perfect for your brand.

2. After the creation of your brand image, you have to need of promoting it via many web channels such as website, blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

3. Connect with the large audience is your second priority. You have to do your brand viral on social media for increment in connectivity with the audience. Post an update about your brand regularly on social channels and answer the queries of readers. Email marketing is the way of promotion, send emails about the book and its interesting topics as you want but the topic is genuine.

4. You can offer your audience free eBook promotion, which increases the sale of your books and you can share this eBook distribution information via social media channels or a website, blog.

5. Content is the king if we talk about promotion or sale. You can promote it through website & blog and other social profiles.

6. Increase Engagements with other authors is also beneficial for your book promotion. You can follow other author’s social media engagements and Cross-promotion is also a great way to boost your connectivity.

7. You can use paid marketing for your book Promotion, the reader can send an email to you regarding your book purchasing.

8. Never give up from promotion, it wants regularity either result comes or not

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