First edition of Dr. Ram Prasad Memorial Workshop, a free soft skill and practice refinement workshop for medical doctors held

First edition of Dr. Ram Prasad Memorial Workshop, a free soft skill and practice refinement workshop for medical doctors held

The workshop which promises to bring back soft skills into medical practice attended by over 200 medical doctors

Doctors need to treat patients with human touch: Dr. Ravi Kumar, organiser of the Workshop.

Every hospital much have Health Psychologist: Prof Meena Hariharan, Head, Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad
The budding Doctors told to build relationship with patients.
Only a good man can be a great doctor: Dr. Sethu Babu

New diseases like Hospital Acquired Infections are being heard. Newer treatments like Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) and Urine therapy are being introduced into medical practice: Dr. Sethu Babu
Hyderabad, February 12, 2017.. First edition of Dr. Ram Prasad Memorial Workshop, a free soft skill and practice refinement workshop for medical doctors held here in city at Hotel Katriya on Sunday. The workshop which promises to bring back soft skills into medical practice attended by over 200 medical doctors from most of the corporate hospitals, Nursing homes, Govt Hospitals, and private practitioners.
The workshop was organised in the loving memory of Dr. Ram Prasad on his first death anniversary. Dr. Ram Prasad who started his practice from a garage was one of the first physicians to start a nursing home in the city in 1966. He was the well known for his soft skills and clinical diagnosis acumen. He was the recipient of ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award from Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India.

The Workshop was organised by his family, his son Dr. Ravi Kumar, a Consultant Oncologist with Global Hospital and Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital.

Welcoming the gathering Dr. Ravi Kumar said people skills can win doctors their jobs. But, these are very rare to find in a fast faced, mechanised practice. All the more, with advent of technology, it is important that doctors treat their patients with human touch, he said. Encourage patient to talk. Technology alone wont help. GPS cannot locate Appendix. Establish eye contact with the patient. Speaking the language of the patients help, Dr. Ravi Kumar added.

Doctor’s non verbal communication is most important especially in case of Cancer patients, the mood changer is the biopsy report. Patients collapse if doctor’s nonverbal communication on seeing biopsy is horrible. People judge by your actions. Doctors need to control their emotions. Doctors have to be role models.

What works well in treatment is People skills which contribute 85% success to the practice. Technical skills only contribute 15 per cent, Dr. Ravi Kumar said. Doctors have remained doctors, but patients turned around and became consumers. Patients are shopping for doctors. Doctors need to treat patients with human touch, Dr. Ravi Kumar said.

Doctors should have good communication with patients. Poor communication leads to Doctor Shopping, Dr. Ravikumar told. The budding Doctors told to build relationship with patients.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an old saying. An apple a day costs Rs 1000/- a month. Visiting a doctor is cheaper, said Dr. Ravikumar on a jovial note.
Do your duty with vigilance and care. If you salute your duty, you need not salute everybody. If you pollute your duty, you need to salute everybody, Dr. Ravi Kumar told the young doctors.

Speaking on “Can I be a Good Doctor? Dr. Sethu Babu, Consultant Gastroenterologist with KIMS Hospital said, the greatest gift of the god is human life. But, a smallest mosquito can kill human beings. We spend all our health to get wealth. Once we get the wealth, we spend all our wealth to get back the health, he said
A good doctor needs to know something of everything. Patients don’t care how much you know, but how much you care. Today every disease is complex. Technology is changing the practice in terms of Electronic Health Records, Pocket Ultra Sounds, Thinner CT Scanners, Bionic Eyes, Needle free diabetic care. Doctors need to be abreast with changes.

Citing some latest developments, Dr. Sehtu Babu said, Dogs are better than docs(doctors), offcourse in diagnosis. Doctors no doubt are the obvious magicians behind maximizing our quantity of life, but, dogs are competing with us. Some studies have show that dogs actually detect epileptic seizures before they happen and assist humans during epileptic seizures. Specially trained canines can sniff out many different types of cancerous growths in humans in their earliest stages.

Many new methods of treatments which we have never heard are becoming reality. Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) and Urine therapy are some of them. FMT is a procedure in which fecal matter, or stool, is collected from a tested donor, mixed with a saline or other solution, strained, and placed in a patient, by colonoscopy, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or enema. So practice of Medicine is Science and Art. It is a science of Uncertainities and Art of Possibilities, Dr. Sethu Babu told them.

Speaking on “Understanding Patient Psychology”, Prof. Meena Hariharan, Prof and Head, Centre for Health Psychology University of Hyderabad said doctor alone can’t treat the patient. Patient participate in the treatment is very important. Treat him as a human being. Treat his emotions and his personality, she told the budding doctors. Treating patient psychology along with the disease is the best treatment one can provide, she said. Prof. Hariharan suggested that every hospital must have Health Psyhologist.

How many doctors know that a FIR cannot be filed against them if the medical advice goes wrong? How many know the nitty-gritties in treating a foreign patient? Some of the doctors are not aware that their practice can be insured with a “Professional Indemnity Insurance” ! How many follow the MCI guidelines on Prescription writing and prescribe mostly generic drugs, and write the prescription in capitals ? The Workshop addressed these many more interesting issues that concern both doctors in particular and patients at large.

The objective of the first of its kind of workshop was to bring back soft skills into medical practice. Doctors are not supposed to market their practice as it is considered unethical. Therefore, their soft skills will be their marketing tools. Teaching of soft skills is lacking in the medical curriculum. There are no gurus in medical colleges like in our olden days. There is no guru-sishya-bandham. A Doctor with an MBBS degree and no other formal training is a lost soul in the concrete jungle today. Hence, we thought we will help the younger generation, informed Dr. Ravikumar.

In the past, success was attributed to the possession of domain knowledge alone. But things have changed. Nowadays, the combination of both technical and soft skills are very much required. And doctors are no exception. There is a strong need for medical professionals to get sensitized with simple elements in their profession. Doctors should know how to handle patients with better listening skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills added Dr. Ravi Kumar.

This workshop is a small step. It is a workshop to “Empower the Doctor and Patient Relationship”. It is also empowering medical practice, says Dr. Ravi Kumar.

This workshop, is a unique attempt in the country, as it addressed many issues such as: Patient Psychology, Patient Communication, Clinical Etiquette, Prescription Writing, and Avoiding Litigation in Practice, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Handling Foreign Patients, Financial Management & Investments, Taxation Planning, Time and Stress Management etc

Litigation in Medical Practice was handled by Dr.Srinivas Samavedam, who besides being a doctor, is also a qualified law professional. An insurance expert on Professional Indemnity Insurance handled a session on the subject. Dr.Ananth M. Pai, who has to his credit a thesis on Medical Tourism, told the audience how to deal with foreign patients.

For more information Dr. Ravi Kumar, the organiser can be reached on 9949385000
Media Contact: D. Ramchandram, Solus Media, Mobile: 9848042020

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