Difference between Website and Android Applications

Difference between Website and Android Applications
We were first introduced to websites and now we have android applications. We have nth number of web designers, web development companies, app development companies offering their services to help us have unique websites and android apps to promote our business on larger platforms. If you intend to have professional mobile app development company in India, UK or UAE, take some time out to understand the difference between website and android applications so that you can make the right pick for your business.
In last two decades, technology has experienced biggest transformation. Internet has come a long way and has exploded beyond expectations. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without websites and mobile applications as they have become an integral part of our lives. This post highlights some of the important differences between website and android applications to help you have a better understanding.

• Defining Website and Mobile App:
Website is a collection of web pages which are related with each other and include multimedia content and is published on a web server. A website helps you reach to your customers and clients across the world with a unique domain name.
A mobile application is designed to run on smartphones or tablets. It is a software application which is designed keeping in mind the constraints and the demands of the platform.

• Usage
Websites can comfortably run across all kinds of platforms from desktops, laptops to mobile phones which make it easy to reach and browse for everyone. But a mobile app works specifically on platforms for which it has been designed. This surely limits the reach.

• User Interaction
Mobile applications are more interactive and interesting for the users to work on as they are designed keeping the needs and demands of the customers. Websites lack this appeal and are not always so engaging for the visitors.

• Action Oriented versus Information Oriented
Websites are information oriented as their idea is to introduce visitors to the company and its offerings. Mobile applications are actions oriented. They mostly focus on the purpose for which they have been designed, for example, shopping, gaming etc.

These are some of the important differences between the two and based on these differences, you can comfortably select the one which you feel is fit for your business.

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