ApexClean – Your Cleaning Solution for Individual and Commercial Premises

Auckland, New Zealand – 25 January 2017 – ApexClean is a company which offers its professional services in carpet cleaning. ApexClean is one of the most trusted and respected carpet cleaning company in the area of Aucland. They are working with innovative equipment “Rotovac Rotary Cleaner”, which ensures a genuine better cleaning compared with manual cleaning. The materials used by ApexClean are eco sustainable and not dangerous for children or family pets. Also as a bonus, ApexClean professionals will deodorize and clean spots totally for free.
In order to make sure that ApexClean is the service provider you exactly need, first of all it is required to be acknowledged with criteria on choosing proper carpet cleaning company. The company must operate in the market at least a year (this requirement is desirable, because the companies with more experience have more confidence, as they have cleaned more than one hundred items and already know how to solve many problems). Professionals should distinguish various types of carpets, floors and floor coverings. Also they must have a wide assortment of cleaning solutions and various spots removers, this will indicate their adequate preparation to clean any offered surface.
ApexClean company offers various services, which includes: Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Stain Removal and Pest Control. The carpet cleaning is environmental friendly and could be performed using steam cleaning. Your carpets will become clean, fresh and well-smelling. Rug cleaning will be performed by company’s professionals at the highest quality level. The experts will offer amazing results to your rug without damaging to surrounding environment. All cleaning solutions used for carpets and rug cleaning are eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals. Household upholstery should be also cleaned time to time, because when everything in the room is cleaning, upholstery of the furniture might contain a lot of dust, dirt and even dust mites, which will transform your relaxing sleep in a nightmare. Using solutions from ApexClean you will make sure that your house is clean, fresh and a better place to live in. To learn more about other services offered by the company, consider checking the category Services and read information about them.
Additionally, all the services performed by ApexClean are available both for individual and commercial customers in Auckland and nearby area. You can keep clean not only your house, but also your working office or other facilities. To get a free estimate and a quote for future works, just fill in the form on the site and company’s specialists will contact you in shortest possible time.

Company: ApexClean
Address: 24 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland, NZ
Phone: 0800 02 02 02
Website: http://apexclean.co.nz

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