31 January 2017 – Venus Rocketry is a website for all people who are passionate by RC helicopters. RC helicopter is a remote control helicopter and in order to choose one suitable for you, you should consider some important selection criteria.
Before you choose a remote control helicopter, you need to decide for whom you want to buy it and for what purpose, as well as the level of piloting skills of the future owner of the helicopter. The most important difference between radio controlled helicopters in complexity is its management system. It can be 2, 3, 4 and 6 channel. Control is made with the help of the transmitter, built-in remote control and receiver, which is located directly on the helicopter. The more control channels there are, the more complicated and more interesting you can perform maneuvers, tricks and figures of 3D flying. For example, helicopters with a large number of channels require more skills, so these models are designed for most professionals, while models with 2 and 3 channels management system are perfect for beginners. However, models with a small number of channels are sometimes difficult to manage because of limited opportunities, since each channel is responsible for the movement of the helicopter forward and backward, up and down or left and right. It can be concluded that for professionals are suitable helicopters with 4 and 6 channel control system, and for beginners are enough 2 or 3 channels management system.
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About Venus Rocketry:
Venus Rocketry website was created by Joe, for who RC Helicopters and everything related to them is an interesting hobby. Joe started to like remote control helicopters since he was a child and was playing with remote control helicopter every Saturday with his dad. Joe created this website to honor the great and wonderful times he spent with his dad and he also hopes that some hobbyists and fellow fathers will come across his website and will spend more time playing with their children.

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