Industrybuying Launches its IB-Affiliate Program For B2B e-Commerce Market

Industrybuying has time and again created ripples in online marketing channels. The company in a latest bid to engage niche audience has started it’s very own Affiliate program. The reason to venture out in this segment of the marketing channel is primarily attributed to the ever-growing digital market and its diverse consumer base. A robust team of marketing professionals has streamlined what they refer to as IB Affiliate Program.

According to Swati Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO of Industrybuying, “B2B Customers do a lot of pre-planning and research before online purchase. A lot of these customers visit relevant blogs and websites, in search of information, prices, and specifications. It is hence, a great way for blog and website owners to monetize their traffic,”.

IB Affiliate Program is a cost-per-action module wherein website owners, influencers and bloggers will be able to earn commission on every referral. The affiliate partners will make money for every complete transaction initiated through their channel. It is easy for anyone to become an Affiliate partner. All they have to do is get registered by filling out an Affiliate Register Form available on the website.

How does it work?

Affiliate partners can choose from 45 categories of over 1.5 million industrial tools and products, of which product banners or URL have to be posted on their respective web interface. Whenever traffic is directed to the Industrybuying through affiliate channels, affiliate partners become eligible for commissions for every complete transaction which ends up with a sale. The referral fee is credited to an affiliate partner at the end of the return/order cancellation period.

And, to encourage affiliates to become part of this initiative, the company is offering with 10 percent flat commission on all categories.

About Industrybuying: Established in 2013, Industrybuying has grown by leaps and bounds and at present prides itself as a leading B2B e-commerce company. The sole objective of the company from its very inception has been to revolutionize the industrial supply operations. Today, it caters to the requirements of online market by providing over 1.5 Lac industrial tools and products from brands across global geographies.

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