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SharePoint is Microsoft proprietary web application platform that plays the role of a multipurpose tool that can achieve all types of general web requirement of any company. is the official online site belonging to the most experienced and recognized team of professionals on Microsoft’s SharePoint, who are known for practicing robust technologies.

SP Jedi is the leading company helping several businesses to function at their highest level in the technology arena. Sharepoint Intranet as the consolidated enterprise workspace platform at SP Jedi is designed to provide your organization with an array of services to increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

SP Jedi team ensures that MS project is integrated with Microsoft suite tools and offers users with an interface which is as same as the Microsoft Office. Moreover, it is made in such a style that even a general user can have a control over the web tools as well as functions without any technical knowledge. SharePoint development services at SP Jedi have the ability to incorporate different types of sites, extra net and intranet portals, social networking service, document and file management, business intelligence devices and search of enterprise.

Microsoft Pro is a project management software program that comes with a synchronisation option with Microsoft SharePoint – it is a lot helpful to project managers all over the world. The proficient experts at SP Jedi offer combined power of Project pro – powerful servers and capacities and SharePoint’s project management functionality are instrumental in making significant progress in all the companies that rely on these software applications.

Microsoft Migration by SP Jedi simplifies the procedure of installing and configuring Microsoft and their powerful platform. Within a span of 30 days the team at SP Jedi provides complete access to a custom tailored workspace that will convert the way your employees shares information, collaborate on projects, and partners with external vendors.

Office 365 setup from is acclaimed to undertake a number of tasks.

Elaborating the services of web design the spokesperson at the website of SP Jedi says, “Our websites are built by taking your business needs and style to create a voice for your company. Our sites are turned around quickly with line of site provided at every turn.”

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