Our membership of National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) allows us stay up to date with all the latest ongoing in the pest control industry which enables us to offer the latest solutions with best code of practice.
Our area of specialisation includes controlling of bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mice, rats, ants, moths, fleas and wasps.
We will recommend the best course of action. We will treat your property with a pest control formula that has a prolonged residual effect so the place will be protected for an extended period of time. Any present bed bugs and their eggs will perish very soon. This will involve clearing the floor area of belongings, emptying under bed storage and stripping your bed sheets from all beds.
2nd Inspection:
We will come back periodically to inspect your home and help prevent an infestation. During these visits we will also check for new pests while making sure bed bugs have not arrived unannounced. If we sees something new or suspicious, we will investigate on it.