06 February 2017, Boston, MA — Sciformix Corporation, a leading scientific knowledge-based organization, is proud to announce that it has been recognized for best practices in Customer Service Leadership in the pharmaceutical scientific process outsourcing industry. Based on its recent industry analysis of the pharmaceutical market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Sciformix for employing flexible, tailored solutions to improve quality, performance, and efficiencies along the entire drug development lifecycle, helping pharmaceutical companies create quality products for better health worldwide.

Technology advances, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and the growing role of patients in developing new medicines complicate the already intricate drug discovery and development life cycle. Furthermore, consolidation and globalization are both key growth strategies in the industry, adding layers of complexity to the processes. This dynamic and evolving regulatory and market landscape drives the demand for outsourcing partners, such as Sciformix, that help improve efficiencies throughout the drug discovery and development chain to limit costs, alleviate project risk, and reduce post-market failures whilst ensuring the highest-quality drug product. An outsourcing organization must continue to add value to its clients operations and develop strategic and consultative, relationships to sustain long-term growth. Sciformix’s commitment to quality, process, and technology excellence underpins its customers’ overall service experience and satisfaction.

Frost & Sullivan has a global team of leading analysts and consultants continually researching a wide range of markets across multiple industries and regions. As part of this research, the team identifies companies that maintain consistently high standards for customer service quality that result in trusted and strategic relationships. Analysis is based on extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain of specific products. For customer service leadership, Frost & Sullivan defines and measures two macro-level categories: quality of customer service and customer impact.

The award benchmarks against strict criteria for customer service and impact, which saw Sciformix outperforming its competitors. These included Empowerment, Leverage of Customer Feedback, Speed/Timeliness, Frictionless Interaction, Technological Investment, Price/Performance Value, Customer Purchase Experience, Customer Ownership Experience, Customer Service Experience, and Brand Equity.

On the announcement of the recognition, Sciformix President and CEO Manish Soman commented: “It is a great achievement for Sciformix to receive this prestigious award, and we are deeply honoured to be recognized for our commitment to quality and excellence across the board towards our customers. Customer centricity is at the heart of what we do at Sciformix, and it features prominently among our core values.”

He added: “Since our inception, Sciformix has evolved alongside scientific advances, technology innovation, and the changing regulatory environment and industry landscape. Our client-focused and flexible business model ensures that we provide expertise in both science and operations to our clients, delivering the best possible outcomes for patients and manufacturers in regard to safety and efficacy of drugs.”

David Frigstad, chairman of Frost & Sullivan, commented: “We are proud to present Sciformix with this year’s award for best practices in customer service leadership in the pharmaceutical scientific process outsourcing industry. Our global team of analysts and consultants continuously monitor different markets across numerous sectors and geographies to recognize those companies that maintain consistently high standards for customer service quality, allowing them to form deep relationships with their customers. For this, we congratulate Sciformix on its achievements.”

Sciformix, headquartered in the United States with operations in the United Kingdom, India, and Philippines, partners with life science clients to provide a full range of services from study design to post-marketing surveillance. Areas of specialization include Safety and Risk Management, Clinical Development, Real World Evidence and Market Research, Scientific Writing, Regulatory Affairs, and Technology services.

To learn more about Sciformix, visit www.sciformix.com , email us at ask@sciformix.com, or call us at +1.877.576.5005.