Global Extruded Snack Food Market to Reach US$ 59 Billion by 2022

Extrusion has developed as an essential process in the manufacturing of various food products. This process generally leads to the puffing and changing of texture of the food product. Some of the extruded snack food products are French fries, pasta, oats, corn curls, crispy flat breads, jelly beans, toffees, etc. Along with being tasty, these extruded snack foods are cost-friendly, can be easily cooked and have a high starch content.

In recent years, the rapidly increasing consumption of extruded snack foods has been registered on account of several factors. Rising health consciousness among the consumers coupled with hectic lifestyles with more time spent at work has led to a change in the consumption patterns of consumers. As a result, manufacturers are coming up with healthier and nutritional options which contain healthier ingredients such as high protein foods, vegetables and legumes with relatively less cholesterol and calorie amounts. Moreover, rising population, increasing disposable incomes, urbanisation rates and a growing demand from emerging markets have further facilitated the growth of the global extruded snack food market. According to a new report by Expert Market Research, the market reached a value of US$ 52 Billion in 2016 and is further expected to reach US$ 59 Billion by 2022.

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Key findings from the report:

Various types of feedstocks include corn, wheat, rice, potato, tapioca, oats and others.
Region-wise, Europe dominated the market with a share of more than 40% in 2016. It was followed by Asia-Pacific, North America and others.

Being fragmented in nature, the global extruded snack food market is surrounded by a number of small and big players. PepsiCo was the biggest player in 2016. Some of the other players include Kraft Foods Inc., Mars-Wrigley, Nestle and Hershey.

These players are focussing on various marketing tactics such as pricing strategies in order to reach a wide consumer base.

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Expert Market Research has analysed the global extruded snack food market according to feedstock, major regions and top players:

Market breakup by Feedstock

Market breakup by Region
North America

Top players
Kraft Foods Inc.

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