Chitrakathi Story Telling Workshop by Baaya Design

Baaya Design Presents an interactive session which is a combination of a visual presentation in English by Shibani Jain and Vishpala Naik Hundekari with the live performance by the Senior Chitakathi artist Shri Puroshottam Gangavane and his team. The workshop will also have discussion about the changes in the medium, theme and application through the years. This will be followed with a workshop on Chitrakathi drawing and painting techniques, themes conducted by the Chitrakathi artist himself.

About Chitrakathi:

Chitra means pictures and Kathi means story. Chitrakathi is a performing art form from the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra performed by the Thakar adivasis.

Today Chitrakathi is a dying artform, but in the 12th century it was one of the main sources of entertainments where stories from Ramayan, Mahabharat and the Puranas were told with the help of hand-made paintings and songs and verses.

About Baaya Design:

Baaya Design store and studio, provides a unique experiential environment, which not only showcases the most authentic arts and crafts from across India, but also presents them in the most innovative manner, that meet contemporary expectations. One can see and purchase /order a customized artwork from over 30 types of arts and crafts, surface applications, installations all across India. Baaya Design works with master artisans to create the most fascinating murals, accent furniture, accessories and lights. Baaya’s designers work closely with customers towards creating theme/size/color based customized applications for interiors.

Website –

Telephone No. – 022 65210165

Venue – Kalaghoda arts festival

Date – 7th February 2017

Time – 12pm to 2pm

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