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16 January 2017 – – News headlines are the most awaited by people and news channels and news papers supply them round the clock depending on the media they follow. There are newspapers, TV news channels and online news channels available to obtain latest information about countries and the world and if you are a Ghana citizen living in another part of the world you can get the latest news headlines in Ghana via Ghana News Aid an online news channel solely dedicated to the happenings in the country. The news channel covers a wide segment of news in its portal which would include general new, business, health, entertainment, law & crime, politics, religion, sports and international news and some more.
The news channel also provides news on fashion and lifestyle and also allows readers to download the latest music from its website when you become a registered member. This online channel has huge following in the country as well as outside world where Ghana national live in different countries and has great potential for advertising business and commerce and other items. Ghana News Aid is easy to access and one can easily avail the channel from anywhere in the world as it can be accessed by any computing device with internet connection. The news channel is up to date with the latest news headlines in Ghana when political developments, calamities or festivities take place and also provide the latest crime situation and latest sports news for readers who are eager to know them any time of day or night.
Ghana News Aid is dedicated for the nation and its people and provides the latest news headlines as and when they break out. As a businessman you can exploit the channels potential and promote your products or services on the website. Visit for more information and you can contact the news channel on phone + 233-20-8450-342 or send email to for queries.
Ghana News Aid is an online news channel which releases the latest news and happening in the country and is dedicated solely to Ghana news.

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