Ignite the Flame This Valentine’s Day with the Iconic Windproof Lighters from Zippo

~ Express Your Love and Start a Relationship for Lifetime on the Day of Love ~

With the Day of Love around the corner, it’s time to wear your heart on your sleeve to sweep your partner off their feet! Flaunt your love this Valentine’s Day and set hearts’ racing with the iconic Zippo windproof lighters.

Stylish, rugged and fun, the lighters are the perfect style accessory you can gift yourself or someone you love. And their lifetime guarantee is a symbol of your everlasting love for your partner. The scratch resistant lighters are available in playful designs and hues of chrome, black and red. You can customize the Zippo Windproof Lighters by getting a message or name engraved on the lighter of your choice.

Don’t have a Valentine? Don’t fret – pamper yourself. This Valentine’s Day, start a lifetime relationship with the lifetime lighter – Zippo.

Choose from an array of new designs available on the William Penn Online Shop https://www.williampenn.net/, and in 28 William Penn stores and 3 shop-in-shop operations across 10 cities.

Zippo: more than a lighter
With over 80 years of history, Zippo has an influential and dedicated fan base. The brand has transcended its functional benefits to become a cultural icon and regularly features in films around the world.

The unique designs, date stamping, affordability and rich history of the Zippo lighters make them a great item to collect. The number of collectors and lovers of Zippo lighters continues to increase daily. In the United States alone it is estimated that there are around 4 million Zippo windproof lighter collectors and there are 11 official collectors’ clubs worldwide.

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