This Valentine’s Day Celebrate #EveryDayLove with CaratLane

This Valentine’s Day Celebrate #EveryDayLove with CaratLane

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is centred around mushy romantic love between couples. However, this Valentine’s Day, CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jeweller has set out to change course and recognise #EveryDayLove – the kind that may not sweep us off our feet, but makes our lives a little brighter every day through the most subtle gestures.

Atul Sinha, Senior Vice-President, Marketing, said “Celebrating Valentine’s Day has gained a lot of popularity in India, but most people think of it as a celebration of love between couples. The truth is, that in our lives, there are several people who show us love through their everyday acts of love and kindness. This Valentine’s Day we wanted to encourage people to recognise and celebrate the love that they see in their everyday relationships. We have launched a range of jewellery collections that include motifs like lovebirds, bows, hearts, initials and personalized trinkets to celebrate the love in different relationships.”

To celebrate #EveryDayLove, CaratLane has also come up with two heartfelt videos that strike a chord with everyone who want to thank or appreciate the special people in their life. Conceptualised and produced by ‘Famous Innovations’, these videos showcase new-age relationships with a fresh approach to Valentine’s day. They celebrate the beauty of love in everyday life and elevate these moments with CaratLane.

“Valentine’s Day has always been seen as couple’s day. But of course, love isn’t just limited to couples or to one day. And as a brand which stands for every day jewellery, we decided to talk about the love that we see and experience every day. The love that touches our lives in small, but very significant ways. These films spin the idea of “love” on its head, and thereby show the gifting of jewellery in a new light. We’re telling people that on Valentine’s you can gift something to your mom, sister, brother, dad, roommate or anyone who is close to your heart.” said Raj Kamble, Founder and CCO Famous Innovations.

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