Did Your Dental Crown Fracture? Here’s What You Need to Know

The feelings you get when your dental crown chips, cracks, or fractures aren’t good ones. First, you panic. Then, you probably feel pain. After that, you’re stressed out because you don’t know what to do next.
There are two reasons why dental crowns fracture — age and force. Older porcelain crowns can simply wear out as they reach the end of their lifespan, while even the newest and strongest crown can’t withstand certain stresses.
Like what?
– Grinding your teeth
– Clenching your teeth
– Eating hard foods (like chewing on ice cubes, for example)
– Accidents (like biting down on your fork, for example)
– Having an issue with the way your upper and lower teeth come into contact when you bite down
– Significant decay that prevents your tooth from being strong enough to “anchor” a porcelain crown
Now that you know what caused your problem, how do you fix it?
Start by looking at your crown. Are there any pieces missing from it? Is it loose enough that you might accidentally swallow it? If so, see if you can remove it from your mouth altogether.
Whether your crown is in or out of your mouth, your tooth isn’t getting the protection it’s supposed to be. That can turn into pain, or at the very least, some heightened tooth sensitivity. Feel free to take an over-the-counter pain reliever if you need it, but this definitely isn’t a replacement for contacting your cosmetic dentist ASAP!
How soon will your dentist be able to see you?
Since a fractured crown is considered a dental emergency, the best cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles will be able to get you in the same day, or at the very latest, the following day. The longer you wait, the worse your situation will get — especially if you’re in pain!
OK, so how will your dentist fix the damage?
He’ll have to assess both your crown and your tooth. In cases where excessive force is to blame, the tooth can be damaged right along with the crown. If there is any damage to your tooth, your cosmetic dentist will have to fix it before he does anything else.
As far as the crown goes, its future depends on how severe the damage is. If there’s only a tiny chip or crack, your cosmetic dentist may be able to bond it with a composite resin. (While this can be a permanent fix, a repaired crown is never as strong or durable as a crown that hasn’t suffered previous damage.)
If your crown’s chip, crack, or fracture is bad enough, your cosmetic dentist will have no choice but to start over with a new crown. If that’s the case, you’ll go through the same process as when you first got your crown — your dentist will take impressions and fit you with a temporary crown until your permanent porcelain one can be manufactured.
No matter how small the damage is, NEVER try to repair a fractured dental crown on your own! Your cosmetic dentist has special tools and techniques to sterilize, repair, and reinstall your crown. If you try to do this on your own, you’ll likely make the damage much, much worse.
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