Bariatric Surgery May Help Lower Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is a serious, but common condition that presents in the eyes. Caused by increases in intraocular pressure, the disease can slowly but surely rob a person of sight. For those who suffer from glaucoma and are also considered obese, a new study may offer hope for addressing this eye concern. It appears that undergoing weight loss surgery to address obesity may also help lower intraocular pressure rather dramatically.

The potential link between bariatric surgery and reduced intraocular pressure was found in a recent study that looked at the impact weight loss might have. Although the study involved a rather limited patient group, the results produced for those who were obese and underwent surgery were quite encouraging. Those in the study group not only lost about 36 percent of their total body fat, they also witnessed marked improvements in their intraocular pressure.

While much more research needs to be done to establish a strong link between bariatric surgery and reduced pressures in the eye, the findings so far are quite positive. Researchers, in fact, say that people who suffer from glaucoma and are also considered obese may benefit from exploring bariatric surgery as a way to address both concerns.

Obesity is estimated to affect about a third of the American population. This condition is strongly linked to a number of serious, life-limiting health concerns. Losing weight can significantly lower the risks for heart disease, diabetes, certain forms of cancer and a host of other conditions. It may also help those who suffer from glaucoma better control their eye pressure levels, as the new study indicates.

People who are obese are strongly urged to talk to their doctors about all weight loss options. If diet and exercise alone are not beneficial in bringing weight into check, bariatric surgery may provide a viable way to address obesity once and for all.

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