19 January, 2017 – At TGWasteWater you will find everything you need for your septic tanks. The septic tank parts from TGWasteWater are of premium quality, and sold at the lowest price on the market.
Septic tank is one of the greatest invention in public health. When people realized that from human waste, various nasty bacteria and viruses could be transmitted, not to mention the terrible smell, they began the search for a system that will allow us to get rid of the waste without danger. Septic tanks were the solution. Today, they are usually used only in areas where there is not a centralized sewer system, like suburban or rural areas, as you can imagine, it would be quite difficult to have a massive septic tank for an area from a large city. A septic tank works by collecting all the waste, digesting the organic matter and separating the floatable matter. Then, after the treatment, all the waste passes through perforated pipes buried in field, and slowly the waste is disposed into the field. The field will get essential nutrients, while humans get rid of the sewage waste. However, before the discharge of water, it must be treated with chlorine tablets for septic systems.
At TGWasteWater you will find a wide selection of septic chlorine tablets that you must use for the treatment of waste water before discharging it into the fields. Either you need Norweco chlorine tablets, dechlorination tablets with 35% sodium sulfite or even Norweco biogem organic digester in form of liquid – you will find at TGWasteWater Online Store. However, you should know beforehand that you must use septic chlorine correctly, as it may destroy the helpful bacteria that digests the waste. Chlorine for septic systems is used to clean the aerobic septic tanks, and it has rapid results. You can see the full list of chlorine septic tanks on their website, where they also have other septic tanks available.
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