In the last few years, there have been a lot of incentives for businesses to become more environmentally conscious. Currently, Green IT and Virtualization are the two modern topics in the field of IT, which is gaining a lot of momentum by several enterprises. To explore their impact and importance, Market Research Hub (MRH) has added this new study by Kable Market Research to its report offering. It is entitled as, “Strategic Focus Report- Green IT & virtualization Technology Market”. The report delivers Kable’s viewpoint in the revenue prospects in the market until 2019, underlining the market size and growth by technology, geography, and sector and size band.

Green IT is a revolutionary concept that addresses all the environmental needs of today with much more well-organized technology systems that require less energy and produce less waste than their predecessors. Many of the clever ideas connected with Green IT and sustainability involve the joint use of purely virtual space. Analysts agree that one of the key enablers of Green IT is virtualization. As the global economic conditions endure to be fragile, enterprises are gradually investing in virtualization technologies to reap certain cost benefits and modernize their operations.

In the first section, the report presents a detailed overview of its technology evolution along with current trends, key market drivers and inhibitors. Virtualization is a green technology i.e. rapidly growing in both acceptance and importance. One of the major advantages of virtualization is the use of one machine to host so many systems that moderate the number of physical servers as well as reduce hardware maintenance costs. Currently, IT managers across the globe are inclined to implement server virtualization technologies to decrease their spending on IT hardware. All these benefits have led to the name of this technology as “Green IT”. Also, to manage cost and optimize the Return on Investment (ROI), the best possible option is the virtualization technology.

According to the key findings, to augment these benefits of virtualization, properties under virtualized infrastructure share common storage using storage area networks (SANs). Though, the use of many virtual servers on limited storing devices may lead to a lack of storage space which is creating challenges for storage administrators. Further, the key findings reveal that one of the most prominent trends in the virtualization market is consolidation, as the major vendors now trying to enhance their virtualization abilities by engaging in M&A activities.

Furthermore, the report also identifies and assesses top five best-performing vendors in the market.