Taking fitness a notch higher, Gympik acquaints India with Fitness Party Cult

Carting burgeoning trends in fitness training segment, Gympik ushers in a new era workouts with Fitness Party Cult. The cult that is quite prevalent in the west is slowly dawning in India, with endeavours by industry stake holders like Gympik. The idea is to pivot stern workout sessions in to fun get-togethers, to celebrate and bond with buddies by burning calories.

Commenting on the up and coming trend of Fitness Parties, Spokesperson, Gympik said, “Right from spinning birthday bashes to bachelorette parties, Gympik introduces fitness parties, as a new way to mark life events with friends, family and some good sweat in India. Going for fitness class instead of a drink is a growing trend among men and women today. While the fitness party frenzy is at a nascent stage in India, the fitness uprising has begun already and Gympik is doing its best to keep the fitness wheel rolling uphill.”

Fitness Parties have been branded as the best way to make exercising fun for adults who are either new to fitness or are trying to get back into exercising. The concept is a seamless amalgamation of fitness and fun that can make people fall in love with a healthy mind and body. It helps bring fitness into the lives of fitness enthusiasts, while enjoying music, some wholesome health drinks and refreshments.
Corresponding to such global trends, galvanizing all fitness buffs, Gympik is geared up to host the 4th edition of Soul-O-Fit 2017 in Bengaluru on the 22nd January 2017. Participants can expect hours of unadulterated fun work-out sessions with Gympik’s highly acclaimed instructors of Functional training, Yoga, Stretch and dance in the most splendid way possible. Additionally, the event will help Bangaloreans to bring fitness into their lives, while enjoying music, some wholesome health drinks and refreshments.

Peeking into the agenda of Soul-O-Fit, the four hours event, starting from 7:30am till 11:30am, is segregated into four parts viz. Fitness On- Strength building and muscle workout; Peace On- Relax and distress with Yoga; Dance On- Stretch and dance fitness routine and Fun On- Socialize and binge on some delicious health drinks and snacks.

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