Innovative energy gum company, NeuroGum is proud to unveil its new look and feel for 2017. The redesign that brings into focus the products “lifestyle enhancing” qualities and personality is a collaboration with Los Angeles design firm Meat and Potatoes and Printing Arts, NeuroGum’s exciting look and new 9-piece package re-engineers traditional gum packaging in a major way and transforms it into a highly innovative, double-layered “tuck” box.
With a clean, high-quality finish, the new design promotes NeuroGum’s focus-boosting energy gum, recognized for it’s crash-free boost delivered without the negative side effects typically found in energy drinks and similar products. In addition, each individual 9-piece pack comes with a unique slogan and lifestyle theme that inspires customers to take action after chewing NeuroGum.

NeuroGum’s ingredients take a clinical “nootropic” approach to energy unlike other energy products in
the market today. “We wanted to create something that conveys NeuroGum’s scientific background,
while keeping it fun,” Yoshimura says, “the new packaging truly represents us as a brand.” The new
packaging will hit shelves early next month, with additional flavors to come later in the year.

ABOUT NEUROGUM: NeuroGum is world’s first energy gum engineered to give the mind and
body a clean and focused boost of energy. Referred as the “latest caffeine innovation” by TIME
Magazine, NeuroGum’s ingredients are scientifically shown to increase focus and concentration
without the jitters or crash. Through its patented cold-compression formulation, the active ingredients
in NeuroGum take effect 5X faster than energy drinks or supplements to help activate the mind and
fuel the body.