A premiere for those that are interested in bare knuckle fighting

New York, 13 January 2017 – There have been many situations when fighting movies were just a joke. Many of what one can see with Jackie Chan are so. His fighting style doesn’t even remind the pros about what they are experiencing in the ring every day. Those Myanmar know best how to fight without any props and not in from of the camera. These guys have been trained to fight since young age and that makes them the ultimate fighting machines.

Not too many people can tell one about the Bare-knuckle fighting that is currently happening in Asia. These people consider that fighting with gloves is a disgrace and that a true man only fights with his bare knuckles. Even though this might bring grave injury to the opponent, some of the guys are openly stating that they won’t fight unless it is so. Combat Sports is not a joke for these people and many of them are betting their all on this cause. Underestimating such a sport would be a grave insult to the locals.

Taking a hobby seriously can bring a serious advantage when practicing it. Lethwei are known to be natural born warriors that love to fight and take pride in their achievements when in the ring. Winning in the ring gives them not only fame but also the respect of the elders and the community overall. The Myanmar Traditional Boxing is often seen worldwide on the rings that are practicing fighting. These people tend to become world champions with ease – if they set their sights beyond the home country. Not too many of them do, to the shame of the sport.

The Burmese sports have long been mediated as the most hardcore of all. Only those people that have been raised to fight and whose mentality has been taken to the next level can understand what it is at stake in such a business. Dedicating one’s life to the pursuit of greatness in battle is a noble cause and it should be very rewarding at the end of the day. Myanmar Traditional Boxing is worth picking up and learning even if the client is not a child any longer. He can have a good success when dedicated with the heart and soul.

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