Slaying the Stigma of Addiction Problems

09 December, 2017 – Emily Borgman has started a video channel to fight the stigma of addiction.
Addiction is a serious social problem and many people are suffering from this mental illness. Scientists and doctors are trying to find the chemical mechanism of addiction, in hope that they would understand it better and find a miracle treatment that will stop the addiction. However, until now, researchers did not find anything solid. The next scientists doctor that will make a remarkable breakthrough in addiction will definitely win a Nobel prize, as he is going to treat so many illnesses and social problems. Addiction is a mental health that not only affects people that are hooked on alchohol and drugs, but also on gambling, video gaming, or nicotine. Some of these addictions are more have a stronger stigma, as they can lead to more serious personal and societal problems. Usually, addiction is linked to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Suicide is very common among people with addiction, as they notice how helpless they are fighting with the compulsive stimuli, and the self love is as low as it can get. Because addiction is such a heavy burden, with a treatment that is complicated and not very efficient, with hard to reach sobriety, many people believe that once you are addicted, you will never return to a normal life. This stigma does not help people suffering to addiction to overcome it. However, anyone, with enough will power can overcome any type of addiction.
Emily Borgman is person who has passed through this troublesome part of life, and over the years she has become a sober person, that does not require any drugs to live. She is a happy person, and she has started her campaign to fight the stigma of addiction. She has recorded a short two-part video on YouTube called “My Story of Recovery”, in which she tells the struggles she has went through, how she overcome them and how she took her life in her own hands. The video is intended for people who are suffering from addiction, and for those who want to understand this debilitating mental disease.
About Emily Borgman:
Emily Borgman is a woman that knows the struggle the people with addiction are going through, and she has begun a campaign to fight the sigma related to addiction. She created a few videos that anyone interested can watch.
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