Busy Bags – Skill based activity bags for your child

Mumbai – Busy Bags – a Mumbai based start up promises to make learning fun for your child especially when on the go. Each activity bag caters to concepts of shape and color, fine motor, math and logic and language, as these are the first concepts a child learns. These concepts introduce basic skills and facts that help them gain independence and understand the world around them.

“Each Busy Bag contains fun, educational activities that keep the toddlers and preschoolers occupied in numerous meaningful ways. The whole idea behind Busy Bags is to make learning seem like a ‘game’ or something a child will enjoy doing. It could be done even when the child is with his or her friends. So while the child ‘plays’ he or she also learns something in the process, says Rachana Adalja, Founder, Busy Bags, a Psychologist by profession.

“Children today are obsessed with technology and Busy Bags is a productive and effective distraction for them especially when you’re on a flight, traveling by road or eating a meal in a restaurant”, adds Adalja.

Rachana currently focuses on crafting bags for 1 to 6 year old children and are available on order. To place your order write to busybags1@gmail.com or call +91 9930138818

Please let us know in case you need images or information. You can call on +91 9930138818 or write to rachana.adalja85@gmail.com for queries.

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