Radikaa’s Australia Diaries

Leading Tamil actress RadikaaSarathkumar, along with the cast and crew of Sun TV’s television series ‘Vaani Rani’ recently travelled to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, to shoot 10 very special episodes. Reminiscing on her travels, Radikaarecommends that Indian travel enthusiasts not miss out on the following experiences when in Australia…

Phillip Island: Wildlife and nature have always fascinated me, and it was a truly enthralling experience to watch the little penguins waddle up the beach after a day fishing at sea. The world-famous Penguin Parade was all it promised to be and more.And they weren’t the only native creatures to catch our attention and steal our hearts. A 90 minute high speedboat ride along Phillip Island’s spectacular coastline, and we were at the home of one of the largest colonies of fur seals. Seeing them in their natural habitat is an unparalleled experience indeed.

Ballarat Wildlife Park: A trip to Australia is incomplete without a day well spent with the nation’s furriest citizens, the Kangaroos and Koalas at the Ballarat Wildlife Park. No other destination allows you to get as close to their wildlife as Australia, be it feeding the numerous free-roaming kangaroos or petting the adorable Koalas; not to mention taking numerous photographs with both creatures. The gold star on my trip was a visit to Sovereign Hill, an outdoor museum that has recreated Australia’s gold rush history. I never knew the 1800s were so beautiful.

Melbourne Cricket Ground: This was tick off the bucket list for me. For Indians like me who grew up on cricket, the Melbourne Cricket Ground brings alive several memories associated with the game. The in-depth tour that takes you through the famous MCC Long Room, the MCC Library, the MCG Tapestry, the Cricketers’ viewing room, among others, stirred up memories of Indian cricketers playing some of their best innings’ here in Australia.However, my most cherished moment of the trip is viewing the legendary portrait of Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar. It left me clean bowled!

Great Ocean Road:A truly unforgettable drive is the one down the picturesque Great Ocean Road. Victoria’s dramatic south-west coastlinecovers an incredible range of scenery, with the iconic 12 Apostles being the proverbial jewel in the crown. The team thoroughly enjoyed the scenic helicopter ride overthese rugged limestone stacks, allowing us an uninterrupted view as we soared over the Apostles.

Colonial Tram Car Restaurant: It’s common knowledge that Australia is known for it’s food and wine, but what completely took me by surprise was being served a delectable meal while on a moving 1948 colonial tram car as it trundled through the streets of Melbourne. This is surely a “Melbourne Must” for every traveller. The vintage décor, great food and service make the experience even more cherishing. I would love to go there once again with my family.

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