It is first and foremost important to realise that a chartered accountant will generally have gone through more training than a normal accountant. A Chartered Accountants needs to have successfully completed an academic postgraduate program and upon graduation have worked under a mentor program for a period of no less than three years. As opposed to specialising in Income Tax Returns and other “real time” aspects, a chartered accountant instead will focus on providing accurate records of all financial transactions for an individual or business. Thus, this type of accountant is more likely to be found employed in a more commercial capacity. Such examples can include larger corporations and the commerce or industrial sector.

Another notable is that while an CA may have his or her own practice for a number of years.
Their private sector responsibilities may include overall financial supervision or the role of a wealth manager for a company or individual. Due to the fact that their expertise tends to revolve more around business functions, chartered accountants are seen as having more opportunities for upward mobility and their salaries/ fee will tend to reflect this fact, as they are in quite high demand.

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