The Euro School of Tennis 10U Orange Ball team, after winning many previous matchups to become eligible for Stanford’s prestigious tournament, went on to procure a decisive win in flight C of the 2016 Fall Junior Team Tennis Section Championships at Stanford University’s Taube Family Tennis Stadium on December 11, 2016. Euro’s Orange team enforces their prowess on the court with effort and passion, leading to a deciding win overall of 91 games won and 33 lost.
The team that competed consisted of athletes Murali Jetti, Bing Dong Liu, Eidan Antwoine Mercado, Adhyatma Rajan, and Ojas Vatsyayan, led by Coach Alexsander Rupchin. Our team won against Rafael Racquet Club 7-1, Higgins Tennis Team B 8-0, and Lifetime Tennis Orange Hurricanes 7-1. Athletes Liu and Rajan were also nominated for the Sportsmanship Award.
Athlete Vatsyayan’s mother, talking about the reasons why the Euro team won, said, “Dedication, sincerity, and perseverance. We went in with a mindset to win. We tried our best and played our hardest. We practiced a lot and the training was very helpful.” Coach Rupchin also said that “the hardest game was against Lifetime tennis because the team was more consistent compared to other teams and until that game our team didn’t have enough resistance from the other teams.”
“We will continue to join team tennis and defend our title for the next season and onwards,” said athlete Antwoine’s mother.