Being a couple of thousand of feet up in the air gives you plenty of things to worry about. One of the main things to worry about when flying your plane is your engine and the aircraft safety. That is the only thing that can take you up in the air and bring you down safely. Therefore, monitoring an engine is one of the top priorities for all flight pilots. So, in order to focus your mind on just flying the aircraft, the EDM 700 Personal Flight Engineer is the monitoring co-pilot that you need.

Important Features

There are many Personal Flight Engineer models on the market for all sorts of aircrafts and pilots. The EDM 700 model covers a wide range of cylinder aircrafts from 4 to 9. Although, the main difference are the features that offer the ultimate comfort and satisfaction to the pilots needs.
• Alarms- 29 to be exact, which include EGT Differential, Shock Cooling, Fuel Flow and much more.
• EGT Bar Graph- A Variable Scaling Showing.
• The Lean Find Mode- Identification of the 1st and last cylinders to peak.
• Option of Fuel Flow- It is the only engine graphic monitor that shows the complete Aircraft Gauges system. Along side that it has the FAA approval for all the model of EDM’s.
• Oil Temp- An option that shows in one degree increments.


One of the greatest feelings is when things are taken care of for you. Even such things as adjustments on the field can be done for you with the EDM 700 model. It has the most progressed and accurate piston engine-monitoring out there. Aside from that, there is some more specification that makes your flight time more enjoyable:
• Volts
• Cooling of the Shocks
• Pressure of oil
• Temperature of oil
• All of the needed and required harnesses
• 100 hours of Data Recording. USB Download available.
• Data Logging (Long Term Module)
As always the list is ongoing, but with a small financial window that you may acquire this model with. The lowest cylinder model of 4 can be purchased for about $1,640 while the biggest 9 cylinder for $3,295.

Reliability and skill is one of the few things that all pilots count upon when flying any aircraft. That is why the Aircraft Sensor Systems Management 700 system is the most reliable instrument on the market. Its features and specifications make any pilots flight time more safe and enjoyable on all basis. Being worry free thousand of fee in the sky is any pilots dream come true. So get your personal flight engineer on board and fire up the engines.