New York, NY – Awnings Direct announced today that it has launched a comprehensive, nationwide online directory of awning installers. The site enables consumers anywhere in the United States to find an awning installer near them. It features a “Find An Awning Installer Near Me” button.

“Awnings are great but you can get yourself into trouble with a poorly executed installation,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our listings represent only the most qualified installers – the people who will do the job right so you can enjoy your awning for years.”

As detailed on the site, , the company describes how it offers consumers the most trusted resource on the internet for finding the absolute best Awning Installation in the United States. They have compiled a list of the best Awning Installation practices that clients have given the most positive feedback about.

For example, a consumer in Bonanza, Kentucky might find Bonanza Awning Installation through Their listing explains that Bonanza has been doing awning installations since the 1920s. It describes how they work with retractable awnings but also advises potential customers on risks associated with awnings – which can be negated by professional installation. These include mildew, wind damage and premature tearing.

Awning installations also relate to homeowner liability. Awnings can become detached from buildings and blow in the wind. Retraction motors can cause injury if they are not set up properly. Only a professional knows how each awning manufacturer requires its installations to go. Do-it-yourself awning installation invites risks of injury and property damage. The site offers homeowners a way to find the right awning installation service in their local area at the right price.

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