5 Types of Tours You Can Do in Iloilo City

Oftentimes, people tend to wonder about what else is there to do in Iloilo City, other than exploring its beautiful beaches or having it as a stopover before venturing to other nearby islands. Well, Iloilo City offers a variety of stuff to do and if it’s your first time to visit, you might want to check out some of the trips you can enjoy as you have your Iloilo adventure.


Take a trip back in time in Iloilo City. As the last Spanish-colonial capital of the Philippines, Iloilo has a lot of old era houses and vintage stone churches that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to a couple of centuries ago when the Spanish culture dominated the country.


Festivals. Iloilo City is full of colorful festivals. Dinagyang Festival is one of Iloilo’s festivities that people, locals and foreigners alike, would really take the effort just to witness the beauty. Dinagyang Festival is a colorful religious celebration that gives respect to the Sto. Nino or the Child Jesus. It consists of locals dancing along festive music while wearing eye-catching costumes and props.


Iloilo City can also be a place for modernity. Conventions and other corporate events can be held at the convention center and chic shopping places can be found conveniently at the Iloilo Business Park. In fact, there is a hotel in Iloilo City – Richmonde Hotel Iloilo – that provides easy access to these significant locations.


Visiting Iloilo for rest and recreation? Iloilo City serves as a gateway to other stunning islands including the Guimaras Island where you can find the famous Guimaras mangoes which everyone instantly falls in love with. In fact, there’s also a festival for that called the Manggahan Festival which usually happens during the entire month of May.

Iloilo City also showcases its own beaches and hiking trails which adventurers will most definitely enjoy.


Food is an instant way to anyone’s heart. Here in Iloilo City, food is another thing that people come to love about the place. Some must-try’s when you visit the province are its fresh seafood and its flavorful La Paz Batchoy.

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