Eastern Pools, Inc. Updates Website With Pool Maintenance Details


Eastern Pools, an Akron Area provider of pool and spa supplies and services, has provided a list of all the pool and spa services they offer to their residential and commercial customers. They broadly express their ability to perform service jobs that are both minor and major in scale. The full listing of the services, with brief descriptions of each, is available on their website, which is included with the contact information provided below.

The first services listed by Eastern Pools are those related to the opening and closing of a pool. Opening and closing services are the broader name given for the full range of specific, detailed services that need to be accomplished before opening a pool up for use in the warmer months or closing a pool down before the colder months. The specific services related to opening a pool are different than those related to closing a pool. Among the services related to opening a pool, Eastern Pools notes, are uncovering, filling, cleaning and making sure the pool is generally running properly. Closing a pool, the announcement continues, involves covering, winterizing and inspecting the pool and its operating system. These closing services are said to prepare the pool for the cold weather.

Eastern Pools’ website page that describes these services includes a specific message to potential customers interested in their opening and closing services. The message states that Eastern Pools maintains a Spring Opening List. This is a list of customers who have requested and reserved the services of Eastern Pools in the spring. Eastern Pools maintains this list, they explain, because there is such a high demand for these services that the spring becomes a busy time as everyone in the area wants their pools opened as soon as warm weather is on the horizon. Further details can be found at http://www.easternpools.com/services

The other services that are advertised by Eastern Pools, in addition to the opening and closing services, are numerous. Their services include pool and spa repair, pool and spa renovation, weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning services as well as spa and hot tub sales, delivery and installation.

Below the listing and description of their services, Eastern Pools notes several commitments that the company strives to uphold. They note their pride in providing factory authorized service for many top manufacturers and vendors, as well as a commitment to family and the environment. Eastern Pools is a family owned and operated business with over 200 years of combined experience in pool products and services. They have served a five-county area in northeastern Ohio since 1963.

Eastern Pools, Inc.
Address: 4953 Wooster Road West, Norton, OH 44203
Phone: 330.825.2214
Email: sales@easternpools.com
Website: http://www.easternpools.com