Illuminate your home with Lights from The Great Eastern Home

The right lighting can completely transform the look of your rooms, making them appear larger, smaller, or more sophisticated. The Great Eastern Home introduces its diverse Lighting Collection of Lamps, Chandeliers and Wall lights that assure a touch of elegance and pride that will leave your guests awe struck. Look through the outdoor lighting options to find the perfect way to light your veranda or create an elegant setting in your dining room with an intricate chandelier. The Great Eastern Home selection of lighting fixtures will make every room shine.

These elegant opal or frosted glass shades give the lights a neat and beautiful appearance that lends a uniform illumination to your room. These exclusive Lights from The Great Eastern Home are a must have for any classy and vintage lover which will enrich any living space. The Great Eastern Home lights are one-of-its-kind and magnificently crafted in brass with gold wash and colored glass. Classical décor styles reworked by contemporary designers to give a cutting edge feel to it, adds a sense of panache and eclecticism that goes wonderfully with up-market stylish homes. It allows you to bring key walls visually forward and recess walls that seem too close. It creates space and depth where there often is none.

The Lights are available in different styles and sizes to suit your need. The Great Eastern Home offers you an array of lights thus giving you the freedom to choose the Lights that would fit in your living room or your dining hall and add palatial vintage elegance and finesse to your abode. Speaking of these Classic European style inspired lights, Suman Shah, Store Manager says “Each light piece available at The Great Eastern Home boasts of its supreme craftsmanship created from international quality material that spells grandeur and exudes a sense of grace and style.”

Understanding the intricacies of Fine Furniture and Interiors is Anurag Kanoria, owner of this store. An intuitive sense of style built through generations of art collecting, along with his knowledge, expertise, and his attention to detail in planning and implementation, has led him to create and distribute masterpieces which never go out of style. The overwhelming success of The Great Eastern Home has lured Kanoria to conceptualize an expansion plan to other cities of India like Delhi and Bangalore as well as in Riyadh, Moscow, London, Tokyo and Paris. The Great Eastern Home is a confluence of Ideas, Design, and Art – A Homage to the Art of Fine Living and a Celebration of Past Ages.​

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