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Roger’s Plumbing, a local Austin area plumbing company, has published a guide on their website listing tips for people to most effectively deal with and prevent potential plumbing issues that may arise during the holiday season. The posting was made to the blog that Roger’s Plumbing maintains on their website in late November, in advance of the holiday season during which plumbing issues may be a significant inconvenience to both individuals and businesses. Roger’s Plumbing serves both residential and commercial customers.

Roger’s Plumbing begins their posting of holiday season plumbing problem prevention tips by noting that the most effective means for customers to prevent such problems during the holiday season is to contact a certified plumbing professional. A certified plumbing professional, according to the information from Roger’s Plumbing, would be able to conduct an inspection of a home’s kitchen and bathroom drainage lines in preparation for the holiday season. Since these kitchen and bathroom drainage lines are of such importance during the holiday season, Roger’s Plumbing infers in their posting that ensuring that the lines are clear and in working order may provide customers with increased peace of mind as they go out of town or entertain friends and family.

The first aspect of holiday plumbing prevention pointed to by Roger’s Plumbing is related to food waste. The plumbing company recommends that people avoid throwing too much kitchen waste down the garbage disposal. They acknowledge that this is a common, convenient practice, especially around the holiday season when people are doing more cooking than usual and possibly doing this cooking in a hurried state. Despite the convenience, advises Roger’s Plumbing, dumping too much of this kitchen waste down the garbage disposal can cause plumbing problems. The reason given for this is that this waste clogs up the garbage disposal and should instead be thrown into the trash can.

Another holiday plumbing tip provided by Roger’s Plumbing is related to the cleansers that people may use in order to clean a potential drain clog, such as one that might result from too much food waste in the garbage disposal. The plumbing company expresses their understanding that many people choose to deal with such clogs using what they refer to as harsh cleansers. Not only do these chemicals harm the environment, the company notes, they can damage a home’s plumbing system. As an alternative, the information suggests the services of a trained professional are best utilized to deal with clogged drains.

More holiday plumbing tips shared by Roger’s Plumbing, can be found at . Roger’s Plumbing is a family-owned business founded in 1994 by Roger L. Patterson who remains active in the business today.

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