Companies Turning to Technology to Reach Out to Right Talent: SHRM India–CareerBuilder report

New Delhi, 20th December 2016: Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management, in collaboration with CareerBuilder India, has released a detailed report on how companies across sectors are using technology to hunt and reach out to the right talent for their businesses and operations.

Titled Talent Acquisition & Automation in India, 2016, this research has respondents from over 120 organizations sharing their valuable inputs on key hiring metrics that have been tracked as a part of their Talent Acquisition strategy. The key focus of this survey, conducted between August and September, 2016 was the extent of technology being deployed for hiring and zeroing on the person with the right skill sets for the job.

The objectives of the study were:
• To identify the key hiring metrics and their importance in the Talent Acquisition strategy
• To understand the extent of leverage of technology and the existing challenges in adoption

The key research findings were as follows:
• 80% Organizations use technology mostly for job/social media posting, career websites, internal/external database search and background searching
• However, a whopping 17% of organizations are completely unaware of the existence
of any such tools for the same
• Technology is least leveraged for candidate screening, evaluation, engagement and self-service.
• MS Excel is still the primary source to measure and manage pre-hire metrics

“Talent Acquisition is one of the critical yet undervalued functions of an organization. The simple automation of this asset can safely predict, accelerate, analyze and empower organizations to deliver the best for their products or/and services. Almost all firms, irrespective of size, industry and geography, struggle with a gap in expectations from their workforce on hiring and the actual delivery,” said Ms. Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India. “With the aim to analyze and thereby address this gap and give a push to technological assistance, we have joined hands with CareerBuilder India and come up with a report on “Talent Acquisition and Automation in India, 2016,” She added.

“Human Capital is the single most critical resource of an organization. To ensure consistent and stable performance of this resource, acquiring talent is the first step in this direction. Through this report, we aimed to provide relevant insights, perspectives and current trends on how technology is impacting the talent acquisition sector in India. It is easier to arrive at solutions when the problems are clearly identified and analyzed,” said Mr. Premlesh Machama, Managing Director, CareerBuilder India.

According to the study, the biggest hurdles in adoption of technology are lack of awareness of existing relevant tools and inability to track Return on Investment. Budgets, implementation challenges and internal bottle necks (12%) are the least of challenges.

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