There is a universal truth, parents will do anything to see their children happy and if that means watching cartoons together and knowing by heart all the characters, then be it so! Cartoons have been proven on of the most engaging way of educating children. The whole concept of learning though playing is one of the most effective in child’s education and when it comes to animated cartoons that are made to educate your kid, Galinha Pintadinha definitely makes the cut. The friendly Galinha Pintadinha is a chicken character that was first presented to the public back in 2006 by Juliano Prado and Marcos Luporini via YouTube and gained its popularity rather quickly, so that Galinha Pintadinha gained the right to her own cartoon series.

Initially designed as a project that has as main objective the rescue and promotion of popular children’s songs and despite being focused on children from zero to six years, the project Galinha Pintadinha unites generations and puts to dance in the same room grandma and her grandchildren, always under the loving looks of their parents. With more than 1.5 million official DVDs sold, 2 double discs, more than 1 billion views on YouTube and contracts with major production companies, it was only a matter of time until, Galinha Pintadinha became a toy and Lego is one of the companies that included Galinha Pintadinha in its collection.

Ever since Galinha Pintadinha became a Lego piece, it inspired stop motion animators and Lego enthusiasts to revive the Galinha Pintadinha character in a series of their own animated cartoons that would thrill the children and continue the adventures of the most popular chicken cartoon character. Totoykids Lego e Surpresas is the YouTube channel that features an entire collection of series about Galinha Pintadinha and its adventures with other popular characters, such as the Avengers, Fronzen, Batman, SuperMan, SpiderMan, IronMan, Hulk, Little Fowl, Captain America, Justice League, Minions etc. TotoyKids Lego and Surprises is that channel that unites the stories of Peppa Pig, Barbie, Galinha Pintadinha and several other toys, and creates new stories that thrill both kids and parents. It is something beautiful and one of kind, that your children are bound to love.

Just visit Totoykids Lego e Surpresas and enjoy new Galinha Pintadinha videos for free. Surprise your kid with new colorful and interactive cartoons featuring his or her favorite heroes and characters and you are bound to have a good time together.