Eye Mechanix in Lincoln Park offers a winter special for new customers

Your eyesight is precious. Little imagination is needed to understand the poverty into which your life would fall without it. Making regular visits to a qualified optometrist is one of the best ways of protecting your eyesight. Examinations give the physician the chance to spot a problem early, which means treatment, if needed can begin straightaway.

Age, inherited problems, degenerative illnesses—all can lead you to experience trouble with your eyesight. It is the job of eye doctors to minimize the amount of pain, inconvenience, and other debilitations to a minimum.

Eye Mechanix is a Lincoln Park Optometrist clinic dedicated to helping patients live long, energetic, and thriving lives—by looking after their eyesight. If you are looking for a Lincoln Park Eye Doctor who will listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to find the best resolution to them, then Eye Mechanix is definitely the clinic for you.

If you have problems with your eyes, you know more about it than you think. It is through your body and experience that the problem manifests. Only you can articulate what you see or don’t see, as well as the range of difficulties you encounter on a daily basis. An optometrist can administer test and make a physiological examination. But the best eye doctors know that taking careful heed of what the patient has to say about their condition is the best way to mitigate the worst effects of it.

You may need glasses or some other corrective eyewear. If that is so, you want to work with a specialist that is able to make the right prescription for your glasses and Lincoln Park contact lenses. The physician you work with should inspire trust and confidence in you. The clinic you use should reek of friendliness, competence, and thoroughgoing professionalism. From the moment you walk into the door until the time you are ready to make your next appointment before leaving, you should feel that you are in a safe pair of hands.

The atmosphere you encounter at Eye Mechanix will give you such a feeling. The leading optometrist, Dr. Ricketts, has experience in primary care, ocular emergencies, vision therapy and low vision at the Illinois Eye Institute. He is He has board certified in Illinois and Ohio; and is therapeutically licensed by the National Board of Optometry for the treatment of Ocular Diseases. You will not find a finer eye physician to look after your health.

Visiting a physician of any kind is a humbling experience. Even if you are going in for a routine examination, it is always a little unsettling to be put under the microscope—so to speak. People fear what their doctors may find. Dr. Ricketts and the staff at Eye Mechanix understand such anxiety. The team at the clinic aims to be friendly, personable, and, perhaps most importantly, compassionate. But that is okay. You will be treated with kindness, and you will always be told the truth in terms that you can understand, digest, judge, and make some decision about.

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