London, UK – EMS has proven to be a flawed method of delivering parcels to the countries from the Eastern Europe. Its system is non functional and most parcels are very late or they aren’t delivered at all. When discussing these questions, it is important to mention that the EMS system is not a private one and due to the fact that it is public – it doesn’t have the incentive to make its system any better and to fix the flaws that have been plaguing it for a lot of time.

A parcel courier should have a proper insurance that would guarantee a flawless functionality that works perfectly most of the time. Services such as DHL, Fedex or even UPS have such a great rating but their services are very expensive and this means that most people that want to save money will be skipping them altogether. Some of the companies have preferential contracts with these companies and this is why they are being used so heavily. The delivery to Russian Federation is never perfect with any of these companies, even if the parcel is ensured.

Top Parcel is the only companies that has near perfect ratings on the web in which the Russian Federation is concerned. The delivery from UK is truly cheap and affordable for any citizen of the British Isles. In the past, it has been a nightmare to deliver something from the United Kingdom to Russia – but not any longer. Nowadays one just sends the items to the UK office and the parcel gets delivered to Russia within just a few days from the initial order. Making such a shipment is not a hassle any longer.

A proper system of parcel delivery to russia has been necessary for decades and now is the time when it has appeared on the market. We recommend testing it out as to see just how fast and reliable the system truly is. The fragile items are insured and that means that if the item gets a crack then its full price will be repaid to the person that has posted it. This parcel courier takes full responsibility not just for the timely delivery of the goods but also for their integrity in the whole process of being posted and shipped to the destination.

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