The difficulty travelers currently have getting adequate transportation around Iceland may be about to come to an end. MyCar, an Icelandic car rental service, is now serving Reykjavik Airport, the Arctic nation’s main international hub. The company is offering free airport pickup and drop-off for customers, no matter what their destination.

This is all part of the business’s plan to improve its services across Iceland to make sure that the client’s experience is as pleasant as possible. It’s been enabled by the fact that the company’s main offices are located just out Keflavik airport in Keflavik, meaning that the firm is able to offer a shuttle service from the airport to its HQ.

Discounts And Benefits

Travelers also now have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts the company is offering on some of its rental services. Currently, MyCar Iceland is offering customers a 5 percent discount if they choose 3-4 days rental, a 10 percent discount if they choose 5-6 days rental, a 15 percent discount if they want 7-13 days rental, and a 20 percent discount if they rent a vehicle for more than two weeks.

Customers are also able to enjoy the benefits of unlimited mileage, as well as winter tyres, meaning that they are free to drive as much as they like around the island. Insurance is also included in the price, and all rental cars come with high-quality safety features as standard for navigating Iceland’s world-famous roads.

Cars Available At Reykjavik Airport

MyCar specializes in Toyota – a make famous for its reliability. Customers visiting the airport have a choice of many different cars and options, depending on their needs. Those who want a car perfect for getting around the city of Reykjavik can opt for the Toyota Yaris. The front of the car is spacious, making it the ideal choice if you’re traveling with a partner. And there’s plenty of space in the boot, thanks to Toyota’s “easy flat” system, opening up the rear of the car for luggage, sports equipment, and camping gear.

For those who want something a little larger, MyCar offers the Auris. The Auris has been significantly upgraded since its last iteration and is now sporty and economical.

Families will want to opt for something like the Auris Station Wagon, an estate version of the Auris, that can accommodate up to five passengers. It comes with enough luggage space to fit four large suitcases and one small, as well as plenty of back seat space for children and extended families. There’s also the Corolla, another car that is spacious, but also agile, able to transport your family in luxury.

Finally, MyCar offers passengers two flavors of off-road vehicles, both with 4×4 drive and both ideally suited to the rugged, geologically-active terrain of Iceland. The Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota Land Cruiser both come with multimedia touch screens as well as plenty of space to transport the entire family in comfort.

Book A Car

People who are interested can go to MyCar’s website and use the “reserve now” tool to book a car for their next visit.

Bjarki Björgvinsson
Address: 761, Valhallarbraut, 235 Keflavík, Iceland
Telephone: 354 552 1700