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Buying quality artwork has never been an entirely straightforward experience. But now, thanks to German art website, ARTQUISITE, that process is about to get a lot easier. The site is currently offering a range of tools to visitors that promise to transform the way that they purchase art online. The entire website is built around informing customers and making the experience of buying artwork easier.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of using art for investment, ARTQUISITE isn’t just about trying to sell art like many online stores. Instead, it sees itself as an educational resource, helping people to find exactly what it is that they want or need, depending on why they are in the market in the first place. There are curated art projects where the company itself has used its experience to put together interesting exhibits around a particular theme. And there is a newsletter that gives customers more information on artwork and the artists behind it. In essence, ARTQUISITE, is taking a holistic approach to selling artwork online, and doing everything it can to make sure that the process works in the new space.


Unlike many art websites, ARTQUISITE wants to be a resource for its customers. They want to help people buy art online by offering them relevant information on the latest artwork from around the world, as well as educational material. That’s why the company has set up Artinsider, a curated blog that features new articles on a weekly basis. Here you can learn all about “Michelangelo’s Moses,” “Contemporary art of Italy” and chronicles of encounters with famous artists all over the world. It’s possible to follow the blog on Facebook and Instagram, as well as catch up on all the latest through the company’s YouTube channel.

Curated Projects

ARTQUISITE’s curated projects are another way in which the online retailer is offering customers additional information on the artwork that they can purchase from them. Not only is art categorised by theme, but each theme comes with a detailed description of the thought process that inspired it. “The Spirit of Paper” for instance, investigates why artists like Gillo Dorfles and Sandro Martini were so passionate about the use of paper, and what it was that they were trying to achieve. Equally, “The Spirit of Blue” investigates how artists have sought to capture the profound serenity of the colour blue from different perspectives, including Impressionist and Pointillist.

Buy Quality Art Online

Unlike many online retailers, ARTQUISITE has a strict quality control policy in place to make sure that all of the artwork that it sells is of the highest quality. As a result, it only offers originals for sale produced by its worldwide network of international artists. All of the artwork sold by the company comes with a certificate of authenticity, rather like a certificate you would get if you were buying a diamond ring. On top of this, ARTQUISITE has its own in-house team of experts, all of whom are trained curators, with the ability, the company says, to “guarantee the purchased artwork is created by a hand selected, renowned artist.”

More information about shipping and payment, as well as how the firm has changed buying art online can be found on the company’s website.

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