Music is in our soul. When anthropologists study prehistoric tribes, they will definitely find some primitive musical instruments, that people used to use for rituals dancing. We are not sure why music is so close to our heart, and why it would be almost impossible to have a normal mind and body without it. Maybe because it relaxes us, or takes off some heat from our mind, but we need it.
Rap and hip hop is the musical genre of the modern society. It has everything a song needs. Some sick beats, that you can move around on, a rapper, who can send a strong message through poetry. Especially in some communities, rappers are very respected, because of their powerful messages and their influence. If you want to send a message to children, teenagers and young adults, it is much more efficient through music, specially rap music. Unfortunately, today many famous rappers and hip hop singers are being sell outs, and they would do anything for money. Corporations have most of the money, so they buy the persona of a rapper, and tell them what they can or cannot sing. Happily, the public is not blind and deaf, so they notice the sell outs, but it gets harder and harder to find new musicians that create original content with a powerful message. Usually they are underground, and it is not easy to notice them in the pool of bad singers. However, I will tell you about a rap singer that stands out from the rest with its beats, music and lyrics.
K. Smyllz is a relatively new rapper from Westchester, NY. He has created a few songs that prove how talented he is. Almost half a million of people follow him on Twitter, and that number is going to grow exponentially, as he has just started his musical career. In his latest song, K. Smyllz Hold Up, he was joined by Judlin Civil to make an awesome video clip in high definition, and using professional movie making techniques. The editing is just remarkable, and cannot be explained with words. You can see the K. Smyllz Hold Up videoclip on YouTube. Just go on the net, and search for K. Smyllz Hold Up video, and enjoy and listen to some quality rap music. Add the song on your playlist and share it with your friends. Let them know about this cool new rap artist.